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Rare Dog Breeds USA is a website that holds information about rare dog breeds in the USA. The information located here may change from time to time, but also may be fairly static. If you find that there is a post or some information that is incorrect, please COMMENT on that post! We cannot stress enough that in order to keep the information on this site accurate, we will need input from you, the reader, no matter how you found the site.

Please visit the Site Map for a detailed list of pages on this site.

Rare Breeds USA will hold information about pedigrees, registrations, conformation and breeding of rare dog breeds in the USA. It will hold information about dog registries and registration services. How to register dogs, who to register your dogs with, and who you should care about the most. More information may also be included. (Who you should care about most will depend on who you talk to. You will probably want to talk to many people (if there are many) who are familiar with your breed of choice.) We will try to refrain from offering opinion, and instead offer only facts. We apologize in advance for when the opinion slips through.

Over the years information, laws and rules may change. And once a rare breed becomes not-so-rare, the people with the formerly rare breeds may lose interest in this information. Therefore it’s important that this information be updated for the new and upcoming rare breeds.

Rare Breeds USA is about dog breeds. Not cats or goats or rabbits. Just dogs. So the information you will find here will be exclusively about dogs.

What is a rare breed? The definition of rare breed in the USA will vary from person to person. A breed that is considered rare in the USA could be quite common in other parts of the world. The information you will find in this website pertains to breeds considered rare in the USA. They may or may not have AKC recognition. Some rare dog breeds have no more than five or ten dogs in the USA. Others could have hundreds, or even thousands. Some may be recognized by the American Rare Breed Association, others may not. Therefore, there is no cut and dried definition of a rare dog breed in the USA. Make your best decision when defining your breed as rare.

Rare Breeds USA is not any kind of dog registration service. We do not provide pedigrees or registrations of any kind.

Rare Breeds USA is a blog based on the WordPress.org software. It looks like a wiki only because we are using a wiki skin and thought it would make navigation easy.

If you would like to contribute an article to this site, please post a comment on the blog and we can talk! We would like to see more articles about other registration clubs and services in the USA.

4 thoughts on “Rare Dog Breeds USA

  1. Melody

    I am preparing to purchase a Logotto. The breeder has been very strict and I really think it is a good idea. Do you have the Lagotto Club in the database for their Yahoo Group? The two clubs in USA, their rescue application process (not any there..)etc?

    1. Deborah Bean

      Please visit the The Lagotto Romagnolo Club Of America, Inc website for information and to locate a responsible breeder. The Breeder list on this website includes only those committed to following the published health guidelines. This is the club recognized by the worldwide governing body of Dog Breeds – Federation Cynologique Internationale – FCI.

  2. Cynthia Post author

    Hi Melody, we don’t have any breed specific information on this site. Just general information about Rare Breeds in the USA. Good luck with your Logotto. 🙂

  3. Cynthia Drake Owens

    Thank you for notifying owners of Rare Breeds about your website. I have several breeds that are considered uncommon or rare in the United States, but are fairly common in Europe. My breeds are Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound, Porcelaine, and Hanoverian Scenthound.


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