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American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service (AKC-FSS)

The AKC Foundation Stock Service is a program provided by the AKC for Rare Breed Dogs in the USA.  Any individual or breed club can apply for a breed to be accepted into the AKC-FSS program. An established breed club is not necessary. Even a single person with one dog can apply for recognition into the AKC-FSS. There is no guarantee that the breed will be accepted. If the breed is an FCI recognized breed, this will increase the breed’s chances of acceptance.

Once your dog is registered with the AKC-FSS you will receive a registration certificate. After you receive this registration certificate, you can order an AKC-FSS pedigree. The pedigree is provided for an extra cost. (Refer to the difference between pedigrees and registrations on this site.)

Dogs enrolled in the AKC-FSS program can participate in AKC Companion Events. These events include Agility, Obedience, Rally-O, and Tracking. Breeds may also apply to participate in various performance events as well. Performance events are organized by breed group (IE dogs in the Herding Group can do Herding events, Hunting Group breeds can do Hunting Events, Terriers can do Earthdog Events).

This program is basically a Stud Book kept for Rare Breeds in the USA. A Stud Book is listing of all dogs, and their pedigrees, of a certain breed.  Many breed clubs keep their own stud books. The AKC has kept stud books for over 100 years.  And since the AKC is the only club in the USA which has a Letter of Understanding with the FCI, rare breeds which have pedigrees with the AKC are accepted in most FCI Member Countries.

We say most, because the word is still out whether all FCI Member Countries will accept an AKC-FSS pedigree.

The following quote is from the American Mudi Association:

The FSS Mudi and the World

The following countries Kennel Clubs have reported that they will recognize the AKC FSS recorded pedigree, although they have not been requested to accept any Mudi as of this time: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary

These countries reported they will not recognize the AKC FSS recorded pedigree:  Belgium, Canada, Latvia, Sweden

However, this may not be accurate, as there is a possibility that an AKC-FSS recorded dog is registered with the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK).

If you have letters from kennel clubs abroad that officially accept AKC-FSS pedigrees, please comment on this site so we can keep track of which countries do accept AKC-FSS pedigrees.

It is critical that AKC-FSS pedigrees are accepted in all other FCI Member Countries. The AKC Foundation Stock Service program is the primary way to get a pedigree in the USA provided by a Club with a Reciprocity Agreement with the FCI for rare breed dogs. The gene pool of rare breed dogs born in the USA may be too limited if they cannot be bred with dogs in other FCI Member Countries.

However, you can still apply for a pedigree from FCPR. The FCPR is a FCI Member Club and covers North America when it comes to getting a pedigree for a dog residing in the USA.

Pedigrees vs Registrations


A dog can only have one official pedigree.

A dog’s pedigree is a document that lists the dog’s ancestors. A pedigree usually lists three or four generations back, from the sire and dam, on through great great sires and dams.  A pedigree is used by Kennel Clubs and Breed Clubs to ensure that the dog is, in fact, descended from dogs only of the claimed breed. This ensures the dog’s blood lines are ‘pure’ for a single breed.   The pedigree that ensures a dog can show and breed world wide is one that is issued by an FCI Member Club, or a Kennel Club that has a Reciprocity Agreement with the FCI.  If a dog has a pedigree from a non-FCI Member Club, that dog will have problems breeding and showing abroad.    Dogs that have more than one pedigree, such as a Performance Pedigree issued by the UKC, have pedigrees most likely issued by kennel clubs not recognized by the FCI. UKC is not an FCI Member Club.  These other pedigrees are not valid on the world stage and will not be recognized abroad.  So when we say a dog can only have one official pedigree, we mean that the only pedigree that can be used for international purposes is one that is issued by an FCI Member Club. In order to get a pedigree, your dog’s sire and dam will both need to have their own pedigrees.


A dog can have multiple registrations.

A registration is very different from a Pedigree. A registration allows clubs of all types to register and track points and qualifying runs for a dog competing in conformation and sporting events. A registration will allow a Kennel or Sporting Club to track the number of dogs that are included in their database. Registrations contain no ancestry information about the dog. Your dog may have both a registration and a pedigree from the same club.

Dogs can have many registrations. Usually dogs have one registration for each club they are registered with. To obtain a registration, you will most likely have to fill out paper work with the respective club, and pay a fee, to receive the registration. Registrations are usually required for dogs participating in any type of dog sport, including Agility, Obedience, Go to Ground, Herding, Tracking, etc. Clubs that require dogs to have registrations with them include, but are not limited to, the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), the Jack Russel Terrier Club of America (JRTCA), United Kennel Club (UKC), National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW), etc. There are too many clubs to list on this page.