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International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA)

The International All Breed Canine Association is located in the USA and provides conformation titles to various dog breeds, both rare and common. Many of the breeds are recognized by the AKC and some are not.

Non-Profit of For Profit?Unknown
FCI Member club? No
Issues Pedigrees?No
Issues Pedigrees for Imported Dogs?No

The IABCA is not an FCI recognized club, and its titles are not recognized in any other country in the world. The IABCA does import judges from other countries world wide, and the judges provide written critiques of each dog entered, just like a European styled show.

Showing with the IABCA can be fun and good experience for both dog and handler. Having a written critique of your dog can be interesting and informative, especially from judges brought from other parts of the world.

Here’s a fun, interesting story about a person who has showed in IABCA:
IABCA Show Story

Kennel Club USA (KC USA)

The Kennel Club USA is an organization that offers conformation shows to various breeds of dogs. This club was started by the same people who own and operate ARBA (the American Rare Breed Association).

Website:KC USA
Non-Profit of For Profit?For Profit
FCI Member club? No
Issues Pedigrees?Unknown
Issues Pedigrees for Imported Dogs?Unknown

The Kennel Club USA is not associated with the FCI in any way. They are a privately owned club where anyone can register and show their dogs. Kennel Club USA has a partnership with UCI to offer various international type titles from international judges. However these titles and registrations are not recognized by FCI Member Clubs.

Showing in the Kennel Club USA shows can be fun for all types of handlers and dogs. Kennel Club USA was formed sometime around 2010 or 2011 and offers shows in various cities throughout the USA. Unlike it’s sister-club, ARBA, which recognizes only rare breeds, Kennel Club USA recognizes nearly all breeds in the USA.