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Kennel Club USA (KC USA)

The Kennel Club USA is an organization that offers conformation shows to various breeds of dogs. This club was started by the same people who own and operate ARBA (the American Rare Breed Association).

Website:KC USA
Non-Profit of For Profit?For Profit
FCI Member club? No
Issues Pedigrees?Unknown
Issues Pedigrees for Imported Dogs?Unknown

The Kennel Club USA is not associated with the FCI in any way. They are a privately owned club where anyone can register and show their dogs. Kennel Club USA has a partnership with UCI to offer various international type titles from international judges. However these titles and registrations are not recognized by FCI Member Clubs.

Showing in the Kennel Club USA shows can be fun for all types of handlers and dogs. Kennel Club USA was formed sometime around 2010 or 2011 and offers shows in various cities throughout the USA. Unlike it’s sister-club, ARBA, which recognizes only rare breeds, Kennel Club USA recognizes nearly all breeds in the USA.

American Rare Breed Association (ARBA)

The American Rare Breed Association was created in 1997 to allow for conformation shows in the USA for breeds that are considered rare, and usually not recognized by the AKC.

Non-Profit of For Profit?For Profit
FCI Member club? No
Issues Pedigrees?Yes
Issues Pedigrees for Imported Dogs?Not if they already possess a pedigree.

The American Rare Breed Association is owned and operated by Robert Slack. Mr. Slack travels all across the USA and puts on the ARBA shows. He does have help with the secretarial issues and such. ARBA does not have its own conformation judges. ARBA hires judges from AKC and UKC in order to judge its shows.

ARBA pedigrees are not world recognized. They may not be recognized by any organization other than their own. AKC will not recognize ARBA pedigrees unless it has been agreed by the AKC Foundation Stock Service to allow ARBA pedigrees for AKC registrations. This is worked out on a breed-by-breed basis by the AKC-FSS.

ARBA puts on conformation shows only. ARBA does not have any sorts of dog sports. To view a list of breeds ARBA recognizes, please visit their website posted above.