Rare Breeds USA is a place where I am putting all the information I’ve accumulated over the years about having a rare breed dog in the United States of America.

My name is Cynthia and I have had dogs in my life since I was seven years old. It started with a Labrador / Weimaraner mix from a neighbor’s litter.  My Mom and Dad brought little Jackie home when she was only four weeks old.  Of course I would never take a dog away from her mother that young now, nor would I support a backyard breeder, but Jackie was the first love of my life. Since then I’ve grown from a pet dog owner and into a dog trainer. I love agility, obedience and flyball.  I have smooth collies and border collies.  For many years I was looking for a small dog that would meet my criteria. Though my criteria seemed easy to fill, they were not.  I only asked for a small dog (about 20 pounds) with short hair, not a long back, and not a terrier.  I also wanted a dog that would be easy to train and was very healthy, and could compete in all the above sports and more.

In January 2009 I saw the breed of my dreams.  That is when I first saw a Danish-Swedish Farmdog performing in flyball.  I was hooked when I found out what the breed was like.  Getting Jet, my first Danish-Swedish Farmdog, is an exciting journey that has taught me many things. I imported Jet from Sweden on July 14, 2009 and I’ve adored him ever since. He is the exact small dog I was looking for.

Danish-Swedish Farmdogs are a rare breed in the USA, and this website contains the information I have gathered about living with a rare breed dog in the USA. I hope you will find help here in your search for information about rare dog breeds in the USA.

This web site will provide information about importing dogs as well as various world wide and USA dog clubs. It will include information on the FCI, FCPR, ARBA, AKC (including Miscellaneous class and the Foundation Stock Service), as well as things I know about the SKK and DKK and any other information I can provide.

While most of the clubs listed on this site are not FCI recognized… which basically means their titles and pedigrees are not recognized by any world organization, I still show in many of them and have fun with my dogs in the shows. Many of the clubs and organizations are for-profit, but they are still good experience for both dog and handler. The ONLY club in the USA which has any affiliation at all with the FCI is the AKC.

I haven’t seen a website with complete information about all these things yet.  Hopefully this will develop into that website.  This website is open to comments and the comment areas will never be closed.  If you have information that conflicts with what I’ve posted, please leave a comment and we can mash out which is actually correct.

Thanks for your time and I hope you will feel free to participate in the discussion!


–updated 29 March 2013

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