American Kennel Club Miscellaneous Class (AKC-Misc)

The AKC Miscellaneous Class allows dogs registered with the AKC Foundation Stock Service the ability to show in Conformation events with the AKC.

The Miscellaneous class can be, in a way, thought of as another Breed Group. In as such there is the Herding Group, the Terrier Group, the Working Group, etc, and there is also the Miscellaneous Class. Dogs in the Miscellaneous Class can compete in conformation events in the AKC. However, no championship points can be awarded to these breeds. They can be awarded points toward a Certificate of Merit (CM).

When a breed which has been accepted into the AKC-FSS reaches 150 dogs registered with the AKC-FSS, they can apply to be accepted into the Miscellaneous Class. These breeds are still considered part of the AKC Foundation Stock Service. The AKC will then contact any breed clubs which may qualify to become the Parent Breed Club. Breeds can be placed in the Miscellaneous Class when they have 150 dogs registered with the AKC-FSS, and a Parent Breed Club. The AKC chooses which club will be appointed as the Parent Breed Club. Please see information on AKC Accredited Clubs to find requirements for a Prent Breed Club.

Breeds accepted into the AKC Miscellaneous Class share all the same benefits as those registered with the Foundation Stock Service. Please refer to the AKC-FSS page on this site for more information, as well as the page on Pedigrees vs Registrations, to find out more information about those items.

Breeds accepted into the Miscellaneous Class are encouraged to show in conformation shows and receive Certificates of Merit. The more support the breeds receive in the conformation show ring, the more likely the AKC will accept the breed as a fully recognized AKC breed.

It is unknown if there is a time frame (please comment if you know) for how long a breed may remain in the Miscellaneous Class, though I’ve read estimates of about three years. It may be possible for a breed to be moved back down into the AKC-FSS only program if a breed does not show enough support in the USA to support a conformation contingent.

The AKC decides when a breed is ready to move from the AKC-FSS Miscellaneous Class and become a fully recognized breed with full recognition with the AKC.

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