United Kennel Club (UKC)

The United Kennel Club is the oldest pure bred dog registry in the USA. They are not an FCI Member Club. The UKC has the power to change standards when they decide to do so. They do not recognize a parent breed club for any breed. They will consider adding new breeds to their breed list when asked, and do not have a cut and dried process for adding new breeds like the AKC does.

Non-Profit of For Profit?For-Profit
FCI Member club? No
Issues Pedigrees?Yes
Issues Pedigrees for Imported Dogs?Yes

The UKC issues at least 2 types of Pedigrees. A Performance Pedigree and a Permanent Pedigree. Research is still being conducted as to the differences between these, and if the UKC issues any other types of pedigrees. The UKC will issue a pedigree even if the dog has a pedigree from another club.

The UKC has many types of sporting events in addition to conformation events. Visit their website for a full list of UKC dog events.

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