Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI)

The FCI is the only world recognized registry of pure bred dogs. There are over 80 member countries. The FCI does not register individual dogs. Instead the FCI registers one club in each country that meets the requirements of the FCI. Please see the FCI website for a list of regulations a club and country must meet to become FCI recognized.

Non-Profit of For Profit?N/A
Issues Pedigrees?No
Issues Pedigrees dogs imported into the USA?No

The USA does not have an FCI member club. The USA is not an FCI member country. The AKC has a Letter of Understanding (aka Reciprocity Agreement) with the FCI that allows for dogs with AKC pedigrees to be sold overseas to FCI member clubs, and the AKC pedigrees are recognized by those FCI member clubs for conformation showing and breeding. This makes sure that AKC born and bred dogs do not have a gene pool that is isolated from the rest of the world. The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the Kennel Club (UK) also have reciprocity agreements with the FCI.

The FCI recognizes the FCPR as an acceptable FCI Member Club registry for all North American born and bred dogs. Although the USA is not technically a part of Puerto Rico, the FCPR is the accepted and recognized FCI Member Club for all of North America, including the USA. Therefore dogs born in the USA, and registered with the FCPR, can be sold and shown in international countries which are FCI Member Countries with FCI Member Clubs. This ensures a good wide gene pool for FCI recognized breeds.

The AKC Foundation Stock Service is also a program which works under the FCI umbrella. While most countries will accept AKC-FSS pedigrees, some countries may not. There is not a final list of countries that will or will not accept AKC-FSS pedigrees.